Friday, May 4, 2012

Borders, Barnes, and Noble Dreams

Four years ago, I had the opportunity to spend a few days in the high desert of New Mexico with a Native American medicine woman named White Eagle.  While with her, I had a dream in which the book I was then beginning to write was prominently displayed on the front table at Borders.  It seemed like an impossible fantasy.

     But I recently went down to New York City to have lunch with the head of purchasing for the religion section in Barnes and Noble book stores.  She was a delightful and unassuming woman who brought along a dog-eared advance copy of THIS TRUTH.  She told me how much she liked the book and how much she thought her readers would too.  She said she especially appreciating reading a religion book that was not preachy or dogmatic.  
     I was delighted to hear her positive reaction.  Having my book appreciated is a little bit like hearing how wonderful my daughter is.  I could listen all day.  I feel proud and also, in some important way, it's quite clear that it's not really about me.
     I was also delighted when she told me that Barnes and Noble will be featuring THIS TRUTH in the front of their largest stores across the country when it is released in early June.  So be sure to visit your local B&N in early June and look for my book on one of the front tables.
     So maybe in the dream I just misread the logo on the front of the store.

     To pre-order a copy of THIS TRUTH from Barnes and Noble Click Here

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